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Bait abaya sharqiaa co sharqiaa hijab brunei

Abaya Sharqiaa represents an aspect of the personality of the Arab woman, especially in the Arab Gulf region, which makes it the focus of attention and interest of Arab designers, especially in a season such as Ramadan. For oriental women, however, these changes made to this type of clothing did not cling at all to the traditional concept of these pieces, but rather to adapt it to keep pace with the latest fashion lines in the world, and the most prominent high fashion houses. From this standpoint, the designer Sahar Madani presented her new collection of abayas, and said: “Today the abaya is no longer a traditional dress only, it is now considered one of the most prestigious fashion that women are constantly striving to see about their new and innovative designs.” Sahar added, “All that

Women choose to wear them from colors or designs that reflect aspects of their personality. Just looking at them we can know if they are a sophisticated, modern or impulsive lady who loves everything that is strange. Most of the women in the Gulf region are gowns, and here comes the role of my new group to give them more freedom to express themselves ”








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بواسطة Радима على October 29, 2021

أريد أن أطلب هذه الفساتين كيف يمكنني شرائها؟ أنا من روسيا . هل تشحن بالبريد؟


بواسطة Ahsan على August 08, 2021

Your shop locatio please in dubai?

بواسطة Fatima على March 03, 2021

Do you have shop in Dubai or do u stock some where in Dubai please

بواسطة Hajira Suliman على March 03, 2021

I would like to order abaya

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